Bed Rails / Cot-Sides for adjustable beds

fall-prevention rails & fixing kits for adjustable beds

There is a common need for the fitting of some sort of side rail to a bed to prevent users from injuring themselves by rolling / falling out of bed and on to the floor. Bed rails / cot-sides for conventional non-moving beds are relatively easy to come by. Sourcing rails for home-style adjustable beds is more difficult – but we have all the answers!


Fitting a bed rail / cot-side to an adjustable profiling bed is actually a very straightforward matter – in the case of bed rails supplied by ourselves, all that is required is for two holes to be drilled, parts to be lined up, and a bolt to be fitted and tightened up.


Like many things however, whilst making a good job of fitting bed rails should be straightforward, it is possible for rails to be fitted badly or inappropriately – for example insecurely or to unsuitable beds, or in connection with vulnerable bed users whose personal needs and capacities mean that use of bed rails in their case would be a bad idea from the start.


We want you to select bed rails / cot-sides for your adjustable bed confidently and on the basis of a fully informed decision. 


We recommend that you open and read the download PDFs available immediately below. Together they will provide comprehensive information, including full size/dimension information, discussion of all the factors involved and a number of helpful photographs - in short, all the information you will require to make the right decisions on fitting bed rails in your particular case.

ORWOODS Guidance on bed rails for adjustable beds
ORWOODS Guidance on bed rails for adjustable beds
ORWOODS Guidance on Bed Rails - Cot-Side[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [412.4 KB]
ORWOODS bed rails assembly instructions
ORWOODS bed rails assembly instructions
ORWOODS Assemby Instructions for Bed Rai[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [714.7 KB]
MHRA Safe use of bed rails guidelines
MHRA Safe use of bed rails guidelines
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]

If you wish to order bed rails / cot-sides (full price information is set out on the Order Form), please:

  1. Open/download, print and complete the ‘Bed Rails / Cot-Side Order Form’ below
  2. If applicable, open/download, print and complete the ‘Bed-Rails / Cot Side VAT Declaration’ below
  3. Send these document(s) together with a cheque for payment* in the appropriate amount to ORWOOD MOBILITY, 56 Coneygrey Spinney, Flintham, Nottinghamshire NG23 5LN
  4. Please send us a short e-mail to notify us that the hard-copy of your order is on its way in the post – and to let us know that you have made a direct internet payment if you have done this
  5. ORWOODS will despatch goods as promptly as possible – expect delivery via courier within 14 working days, but please allow up to 28 days from date of order for delivery

* alternatively, make direct internet payment as instructed on the Order Form and note your payment reference and date of payment on the Order Form before sending

Bed Rails order form
Bed Rails order form
ORWOODS Bed Rails Cot-Sides Order Form -[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [245.0 KB]
Bed Rails VAT Exemption Declaration
Bed Rails VAT Exemption Declaration
ORWOODS - VAT Declaration - Cotsides - F[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [7.4 KB]
Bed Rails Statement on Distance Selling
Bed Rails Statement on Distance Selling
CSides - Bed Rails - Statement on Distan[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [242.0 KB]

NOTE: no goods will be despatched until a completed hard-copy Bed Rails / Cot-Side Order Form has been received by ORWOODS; and where payment is on the basis of a VAT-free supply because the bed user for whom the rails are intended has a medical condition, no goods will be despatched until both the Order Form and a completed VAT Declaration have been received by ORWOODS.

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