Single & Double configurations

All styles are available in single versions, with a single motorised action, intended for use by one individual - meaning for example when the back is raised, the whole width of the back from side to side comes up - nominal single widths are: 2’3” , 2’6” , 2’9” , 3’ , 3’6” , 3’9” , 4’, 4’6” & 5’ .


All styles are also available in double versions. For upholstered divan-style beds there are two types of double arrangement configuration suitable for two individuals (with either two independent moving profiling motorised actions, or with one profiling action and one static side): the double clip-together, and the dual single-surround. These different configurations are pictured below.


Wooden beds can only be made into double versions using the dual single-surround method. Doubles can be based on any combination of single actions, the most common being 2 x 2’6” (approximately 5’ width bed overall) or 2 x 3’ (approximately 6’ width overall).

Dual clip-together format
Dual single-surround base

The double clip-together half-divan configuration at left clearly shows two individual single beds that are stood side-by-side; they are joined with clips between the frames out of sight underneath the bed base. The two clipped-together beds are shown with a single-span headboard - headboards can be made to any dimension as required. It is possible to have a double clip-together configuration with a single removable footboard to span the beds in the same way as the headboard, completely masking any join.


At Right is a dual single-surround full-Divan bed - a ‘true double’ where two actions are built into one single inseparable base surround. Note that, unlike the double clip-together arrangement at left, there is no visible join in the centre of the foot end - the two sides of the bed cannot be separated for use as two individual beds. Alternative style decorative footboards can also be fitted.  


The Dual single-surround bed is also a drawer-base Full-Divan featuring two side drawers. Bed is fitted with a ‘Classic’ button-back headboard. No footboard is fitted in this image.



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