Cantilever Bed-Lifter ('CBL') variable-height profiling bed

bed lifter CBL raised bed lifter CBL bed raised

Bed lifter - basic

bed de-luxe lifter raised bed lifter CBL de-luxe high low

Bed lifter - de-luxe

The Cantilever Bed-Lifter ('CBL') is a particularly versatile and well-engineered high-low mechanism which can be set up to precisely meet a wide variety of different personal user needs and function preferences as well as bed style choices: we currently work with numerous different bed lifter chassis frame specifications, and an array of different castor & feet / bearer choices. Bed lifters are available for all the width sizes: 2'3", 2'6", 2'9", 3', 3'6", 3'9", 4', 4'6" & 5'; for a standard length of adjustable bed of 6'8" - with length reduction available down to 6' and extended length anything  up to 7'4". Maximum user weight of the CBL is 25st - and the bed lifter can be moved around with the full weight of the occupant on top.


The exact specification that is right for the user is always best established through a detailed personal needs assessment. Personal assessment focuses on function needs first, then once specification of functional parts has been determined, the style of the bed / upholstered parts to be fitted to the CBL can be sorted according to user preference - this includes in particular choice of headboard, optional side panels and footboard, side detailing etc and fabric finish as well as other fittings / rails that may be helpful.


The decision to purchase a high-low bed solution will always involve significant cost. Many of the personalised bed lifter specifications relate to components that can be individually updated and altered in the event that user needs change over time - without replacing the whole bed and lifter unit. In this way, apart from ensuring that you acquire an appropriate solution which does in fact work for you at the outset, due to its versatility the ORWOODS cantilever bed lifter package also offers you what is without any doubt the most future-adaptable / ‘future-proofed’ solution of its type currently available.  

Cantilever Bed-Lifter de-luxe height-adjustable profiling bed

The CBL bed-lifter de-luxe is distinguished by the addition of an optional full panel kit: full-height headboard, footboard and side panels. 


The style and height dimension of panelling (including position of top edge of footboard in relation to top surface of mattress, and clearance from floor to lowest edge of panels when the CBL is fully lowered) and side-detailing ('flush' or 'shoe' - CLICK HERE for more information on side edge detailing) is up to the user. The full panelling completely hides all parts of the high-low mechanism, so the fully-lowered bed is absolutely indistinguishable from conventional divan bedroom furniture.

Cantilever Bed-Lifter basic height-adjustable profiling bed

The CBL bed-lifter basic package is mechanically exactly the same as the CBL de-luxe package - specification according to individual user requirements - only without the full additional decorative panel kit.


CBL-basic packages consist of a CBL bed lifter coupled with a basic half-divan base as shown in the pictures above. Standard headboards can be fitted to the CBL-basic package.


When in the fully-lowered position the CBL bed-lifter-basic remains discreet and well-hidden.


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