4-Motor mechanism

4-MOTOR ACTION fully independent movements

for electric beds

4-Motor Base Action - specially developed with doubled motors to allow all moving sections of the bed to move fully independently.

Standard mobility beds run on two motors, each one being linked simultaneously to two parts in a section so that the two parts of the upper body section are engineered for co-ordinated movement (linked and non-independent) - likewise for the lower body / leg section - when you raise the upper body section, the very top part moves and the upper back section is connected to and moves with it, the same for lowering; when you raise the lower body section both the lower leg and upper leg / thigh section move together, resulting in a knee-bend arrangement which is predictable as the lower section is progressively raised – and inflexible in its settings.


The 4-Motor bed action differs from the standard arrangement in that it has additional doubled motors to allow all moving sections of the bed base to be moved fully independently of each other. In this way, the top head section can be set without adjusting the upper back section at all, and vice versa. Similarly, the end foot section can be set fully independently of the upper leg / thigh section and vice versa. This means that as well as a truly infinite possible number of small precise adjustments of individual parts, it is possible to maintain full straight-leg and full straight-back settings for raising.


The range of movement shown in the pictures below is simply unachievable with any standard-type of action. Given a small pause for thought, it will be realised that the 4-motor offers a whole different dimension of individual bed-care to meet appropriate needs.



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