Pocket Sprung - luxury wool

Our luxury 8” depth pocket sprung mattresses are specifically designed for use with our adjustable beds and are manufactured to include the best industry standards and features, using the finest materials, which are generally only seen in the most prestigious of bedding items:  


1.8mm gauge individual springs are shrouded in their own fabric pockets (to give an idea, a 3’0”/95cm bed contains 14 rows of 33 springs giving an interior total of 462 springs) which are specially configured and aligned into a honeycomb arrangement of rows and columns to form an easy flexing core for the mattress;


springs are held together with metal hog clips and then encased in double pockets to provide added strength, long-life and comfort as well as to ensure that the springs do not entwine together when the mattress is being flexed;


The spring honeycomb is then  sandwiched between double thicknesses of rich compressed wool matting and finally an additional luxury Cashmere wool outer layer is added to the core, the whole construction being finished in a superior quality damask woven outer surface fabric.


To ensure even wear and the longest life for our pocket sprung mattresses we recommend that our mattresses are turned, that is either inverted and/or laterally rotated 180º, at regular intervals – we suggest once every three to four months - just like conventional mattresses.


Although the question of firmness is always a personal and relative one (what is thought of as firm by someone, may be thought of as soft by someone else) ORWOOD Luxury Pocket Sprung mattresses are produced to a specification which we believe might reasonably be described as ‘medium firm’. They are slightly softer than Reflex Foam mattresses, but significantly firmer than Latex mattresses.


The elements brought together in the Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress make up a truly magnificent surface to lie upon. A  superbly comfortable medium-firm feel mattress.



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