Bariatric beds - profiling high-low & height-adjustable

Bariatric beds – fully-featured profiling adjustable height solutions for the heavier weight user

For users with a weight of over 25 stone we now offer special mechanism bariatric beds which feature an emphasis on user comfort and 'normal' bedroom furniture feel rather than simple functionality - a complete high-low function solution suitable for users up to 45 stone which incorporates both profiling and variable-height facility which is specially and uniquely designed to include a level of upholstery finish suited to any modern home environment.

Finding a top quality bariatric bed which is both acceptable in function and enjoyable to use has, until now, been something like impossible. ORWOODS have responded to consumer needs to make available a bariatric heavyweight bed version which meets both criteria - it is a bed you can really love and be proud of: finished in high quality woven damask (or alternative colours or specialist fabrics as required) and available in a choice of two widths and two lengths. 


The traditional ‘basic factory look’ of hard metal shapes and sharp wooden corners is universally disliked - now you can have beautiful luxury instead.

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