Bariatric beds - profiling high-low & height-adjustable

Bariatric beds – fully-featured profiling adjustable height solutions for the heavier weight user

For users with a weight of over 25 stone we now offer beautifully presented special mechanism bariatric beds - a complete high-low function solution suitable for users up to 45 stone which incorporates both profiling and variable-height facility - and which is, self-evidently, uniquely designed with superlative upholstery finish especially to fit in with the modern home environment.

Finding a top quality bariatric bed which is both acceptable in function and enjoyable to use has, until now, been something like impossible. ORWOODS have finally brought out a bariatric heavyweight bed version which meets both criteria - it is a bed you can really love and be proud of: finished in top quality woven damask (or alternative colours or specialist fabrics as required) and available in a choice of two widths and two lengths. 


Why have the ‘basic factory look’ that is hard metal shapes and wooden corners when you can have beautiful luxury instead? Want to turn your bedroom into a palace? - this bed belongs in the ambassador suite!

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