Perfolatex ®:  99.9% Pure Natural Latex Mattress


A “top of the range” 6” depth latex mattress of superlative quality - exclusive to ORWOODS.


Perfolatex is another market leading mattress-filling manufactured by VITAFOAM, under a special technical process which converts 99.9% purely natural latex into a unique “best performance” intercommunicating cell structure (0.1% is synthetic latex which is combined with the natural product to ensure an optimal mass-hardness ratio). Our mattresses utilise the highly beneficial characteristics of Perfolatex in an adjustable bed application.


Perfolatex meets the very highest standards applicable to the mattress industry, with every single block manufactured being tested to international standards verifying tensile strength, resistance to degradation through wear and tear and the effects of temperature, light and humidity. VITAFOAM state, by reference to detailed published test results (concerning specifically mechanical deterioration, ageing, ventilation capability and durability) that Perfolatex quite simply outperforms all other fillings – including all other types of latex!


Compared to our other mattress types, Perfolatex (as all latex-based mattresses) is a very soft-feel sponge-like type of material, which means that it is extremely efficient at moulding itself around the user’s body shape. However, precisely because of its softness, we would not recommend 100% Perfolatex as being a mattress core suitable for heavier weight individuals (around 15 stone and above); and because of its sponge-like characteristics we would suggest that Perfolatex is not always suitable for individuals with significantly restricted movement capability, who, whilst being very comfortable when on the mattress, can find such mattresses difficult to work with in terms of manoeuvring across and altering body position.



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