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Curve dual single-surround adjustable bed Traditional Divan adjustable profiling beds
Hedingham wooden framed bed Wooden-framed adjustable profiling beds
Cantilever Bed-Lifter de-luxe part raised Height-adjustable and homecare profiling beds
Bariatric bed de-luxe Bariatric profiling beds
dynamic mattress beds Beds for dynamic high-risk airflow mattresses
mattress corner Mattress types
cot side bed rails Accessories

ORWOODS are specialists in beds for independent living.


We have an entirely honest approach to providing solutions for independent living needs: our objective is to provide equipment that is the best of its type - always using the best components available, but wholly without any unnecessary gimmicks - equipment that will reliably do what is expected of it for years to come.


Adjustable beds - component versatility & product value


We have access to the fullest range of components available and offer a ‘standard’ range of styles and specifications which is probably the most comprehensive in the adjustable bed industry - if you do not see what you need or what you are looking for, please let us know and if it’s possible to construct, we will build it for you.


We also work at the lowest price possible: we know that you will not be able to find an equivalent quality or specification of adjustable or variable-height beds anywhere else at the same or lower prices.


For a full explanation of all our decision-making on components and build quality please download our PDF on ‘Quality’



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If you wish to talk about your needs or any of our product solutions,  please call us or e-mail:


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