Traditional Full-Divan style electric profiling beds

The FULL-DIVAN design features solid sides from top of bed base down to castors at floor level. It is essentially a simple high-quality box-frame base designed and built to accommodate a choice of standard and specialist adjustable action mechanisms.


Bases are built as standard to an overall floor-to-top-of-mattress height of approximately 23” depending upon mattress type and specification, but can in fact be built to whatever height is required. Note that, because of its full-side design, height cannot be changed after construction, so it is important to determine / assess desired overall height correctly at the outset. Overall Heights from floor to top of mattress are available from 14” to over 27”.

Drawers for Full-Divan beds

A Full-Divan is always required if the bed is to have built-in storage drawers - the Full-Divan is the basic style upon which all side-drawer and foot-end- drawer-bases are constructed. Built-in drawers affect available overall height.

Drawer - height - castor - mattress - action type - width combinations can all have an effect on what options and dimensions might be available in any given case.

The bed above is a dual single-surround version of the Full-Divan bed; it is also a drawer-base Full-Divan featuring two or four side drawers. The bed is fitted with a ‘Classic’ button-back headboard. No footboard is fitted in this image.

Headboards & Footboards for Full-Divan beds


Full-Divans are very versatile bases that can easily be matched up to your choice of Headboard and Footboard design to complement its appearance. Any style shown in our pages on Divan beds is available - and if you require something different, talk to us or send us a picture and it’s very likely we will be able to build exactly what you require.


 Alternatively, Full-Divans can be made and supplied entirely without headboard or footboard, or with standard-spaced headboard bolt-fittings so they are compatible with any other Headboard you may wish to fit.



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