Universal Bed Levers for adjustable beds

bed levers / side grab handles for adjustable beds

The Clamprail universal bed lever / side grab rail has been designed and developed by ourselves specifically to be suitable for, and capable of fitting to, all usual wood-frame surround types of adjustable beds and is manufactured exclusively by ORWOODS (patents pending). It is however also in fact suitable for potentially fitting to all box-frame types of bed whether adjustable or static.


The bed lever fits neatly and closely to the side of the bed by means of a clamp-plate and two strong bolt-fixings for secure anchoring. Crucially for adjustable beds with a moving profiling mechanism, this means it does not rely on any part being inserted between mattress and bed base, as is invariably the case with almost all other variants of this type of rail.


It has an extended height so it is reachable even when the back- rest of a profiling bed is raised - standard fitting results in approximate height to top rail of 22.5” / 570mm above top of bed base excluding mattress, and height is adjustable up and down in relation to the fixing plate which holds the rail to the bed side. The Bed Lever / Side Grab Rail is supplied with full fitting instructions and fixing kit including bolts and special nuts.


If you are interested in this product, more complete information (including 'Side Grab Rail information leaflet' and ‘Bed Lever / Side Grab Rail assembly instructions’) can be seen on our dedicated Clamprail e-commerce SHOP website:  www.rails-for-adjustable-beds.com



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