Reflex Foam

This 7½” depth mattress is produced exclusively for use with our adjustable beds. The foam filling is 100% Reflex Foam, manufactured by VITAFOAM, one of the leading British suppliers of foam to the bedding industry. Reflex Foam consists of specially formulated and medically approved high quality foam content, which is non-fibrous and fully hypo-allergenic - hence its popularity with nursing homes and hospitals.


Reflex foam mattresses are renowned particularly for high restitution, a property of the foam which returns the mattress to its starting shape after compression giving excellent long-life shape retention qualities with very little change over very long periods of heavy usage; and exceptionally high resistance to deterioration through moisture.


Reflex foam mattresses are produced to a specification which we believe might reasonably be described as ‘quite firm’. They are significantly firmer than our Luxury Pocket Sprung mattresses, and a lot firmer than Perfolatex mattresses.


We tend to recommend a Reflex foam mattress where an individual is around 17-18 stone and above, or wherever an individual has a clear stated preference for a firm mattress.  


Reflex is also available with built-in massage system.



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