H-Beds:   Standard - Low - Wide

We use the term 'H-Bed' for this type because of its obvious ‘H’shape when viewed from the side due to being based on the ‘motor-at-each-end’ vertical up and down principle, just the same as standard ‘hospital’ beds. However, we also like to think of the ‘H’ as meaning a truly special but personal homecare / home-nursing ‘home-style’ bed.

H-Bed Standard H-Bed - Standard
H-Bed low H-Bed - Low (mechanism shown without upholstery)
H-Bed Wide H-Bed - Wide

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H-Beds are available in three variants, all of which are - because of potential stresses involved - based on metal base-framed  architecture, and all of which include both profiling and variable-height functions. All H-Bed types are also capable of being set-up with an optional Trendelenburg head-end or foot-end horizontal tilt-facility - they are the only beds we offer which can perform this specialist function.

Trendelenburg position

Upholstery styles, fabrics  & finishes are available for our H-Beds in a similar form to other bed types on this website. Side Grab Rails & Cot-Sides / Bed Rails are also available for  H-Beds.



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