Mattress types

pocket sprung luxury wool mattress Pocket Sprung luxury wool
Pocket Sprung synthetic fibre Pocket Sprung synthetic fibre
Reflex Foam mattress Reflex Foam
Latex mattress Latex
Latex Wrap mattress Latex-Reflex Wrap
Foam Encapsulated Sprung Foam Encapsulated Sprung
Memory Xtra mattress Memory Xtra
Reflexion Memory clinical grade pressure relief Reflexion Memory clincial grade pressure relief
Dynamic airflow mattresses Dynamic airflow mattresses
Massage systems Massage systems

We offer a range mattresses which has been developed to encompass characteristics to meet the needs of all the user requirements we routinely see, each of which is designed and constructed to optimal specifications especially to flex for use on adjustable beds (because of the way they are made, conventional static-bed mattresses are wholly unsuitable for use on adjustable beds). We can moreover create individually tailored specifications if the case requires it.


Apart from our very own excellent specification Pocket Sprung versions, all of our standard foam mattresses are constructed exclusively from the best high-technology foam products manufactured by VITAFOAM - one of the world leaders in medical-use foams - all of which have years of clinical product testing and performance behind them.


All soft-finished upholstered items and bed parts within the ORWOOD product range are covered as standard in a PREMIUM finish special Belgian woven damask silk-touch fabric, which is exclusive to ORWOODS -  luxury, quality and opulence, a real treat for the discerning individual. This is with the only exception of the special requirements of both the Reflexion pressure relief / pressure distribution mattress and the Memory Extra mattress, which have unique two-way stretch coverings to ensure maximum performance.


As with all our products, if your particular mattress needs seem to be outside our normal specifications as referred to in this site, please contact us and we will look very closely at what we can do to provide you with the specification you in fact need or desire. For examples, as well as special firmnesses and variable thickness, dimensions-made-to-measure mattresses and reinforced firmness-edging, we can also supply special hypoallergenic types and mattresses made to increased fire retardancy specifications (suitable for nursing home and other special case environments).



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