Latex-Reflex Wrap

Latex Wrap Mattress (Reflex & Perfolatex layered combination)


To combine the best features of Reflex Foam and Perfolatex foams, we now produce a 7½” mattress with a 5” Reflex Foam sandwich-layered core which is surrounded by a supersoft 1” wrap around layer of Perfolatex.


This results in a full depth 7½” height mattress which has a sufficiently firm body to make both handling of the mattress (turning etc) and individual manoeuvring thereon easy, and yet which offers all the comfort benefits of the luxurious soft-touch latex support surface to sleep on.


Latex Wrap has a similar firmness feel to the luxury Pocket Sprung mattress, but is ‘smoother’ due to the elasticity of the total materials combination used - sandwiched layers consisting of a firm Reflex Foam core with supersoft Perfolatex outers.


Customer feedback confirms our own view that this is our very best ‘flagship’ general mattress type.


Latex wrap is also available with built-in massage system.



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