Massage system

We offer two types of massage system.


The standard system is a build-in option for foam mattresses, consisting of 5 active massage pads (10 optional for large width mattresses) inserted half-way through the mattress depth at points along the length of the mattress between top of back and calf area. The pads house small offset cylinders which spin to produce movement that is transferred as vibration through the solid foam mattress core which is of course felt by the user on top.


The beauty of this system is that the active massage points create vibration close to the mattress surface, which means that the massage effects are felt both very positively by the body on top, and also  in a very precise localised manner - the system allows the user to specifically select the body areas in which the massage is to be directed. The system is versatile: there is a wide range of settings and programmable options available - individual area select / de-select, wave and pulse between selected areas - and also a progressive choice of speed and intensity.  


The alternative system is a ‘bolt-on’ 2-pad type, which is used where massage is required with non-foam mattresses - ie pocket sprung mattresses, where void spaces within the pocket springs of the mattress interior cannot easily ‘transmit’ vibration effects. This system is less precise and less obviously felt than the build-in foam core option: massage pads are bolted on to the bed base beneath the mattress, and vibration effects then travel through the whole mattress thickness before being felt by the user on top; this necessarily results in the massage vibrations being less clearly felt, and less precisely in terms of localised vibration effect. 



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