Heavy-Duty information for 18-25 & 25+ stone users

Standard mechanisms are rated for user weight up to around 18 stone. Two different solutions are available for users above this weight capacity.



HEAVY-DUTY bed solutions for heavy users 18-25 stone


18-25 stone users - double-motor mechanism standard-style options


Strengthened actions with double-motors increase the weight capacity of our general-style beds, making them suitable for users of up to 25 Stone in weight.


Depending upon a number of particular factors, the increased weight-loading and double-motor configuration may also require modifications to other component specifications within beds, or affect choice of mattress type / and/or necessary specifications of high-low options in any particular case.




HEAVY-DUTY bed solutions for

users 25+ stone (bariatric)


For users 25+ stone please CLICK HERE



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