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No-cost / no-obligation personal assessment & try-out for high-low bed solutions (for non high-low please call us)


When it comes to height-adjustable bed requirements, which often involve a complex combination of factors, personal assessment and product try-out is by far the best way to establish with certainty what solution may be best for your needs.


Our professional personal assessment & try-out service is operated on a 'best practice' basis and is purely exploratory in nature. We can carry out assessment & product try-out in our assessment centre, or we can visit you in your own home (anywhere in England & Wales), or at some other convenient location. Post-assessment, we send you a report of our findings including a detailed quote for whatever items have been found to be most suitable for you.


No business is transacted ‘on the day’ at an assessment appointment. Assessments & try-outs are carried out on a strict ‘no-cost / no-obligation’ basis, so once you have our report, it is then entirely up to you whether you take the matter any further or not.


Carrying out an assessment and then following-up with a report afterwards is a deliberately safe and professional method of transacting business, and consumer-protection lies at its heart: prospective clients are happy to know in advance that the process ensures no ‘impulse decisions’ are made, and it also precludes any incidence of ‘pressure sales’ or anything of that kind. 


We have a network of mobility dealers across the country and assessments are arranged in conjunction with our dealers in areas where we are represented, or directly with ourselves where not.


Please call us to discuss your needs or to arrange a personal assessment!


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