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Riser recliner chairs offer solutions to users who typically need to be able to reach a comfortable reclined position, often with legs raised high, and / or who need assistance with getting up and out of a chair.


ORWOODS are professional assessors and suppliers of AJ Way, Camelot and Primacare chairs, the three leading UK specialist makes of true made-to-measure riser recliner chairs (where all dimensions, such as seat width, seat height and seat depth can be independently sized to suit individual personal differences in order to provide optimal correct postural support), and we are the leading source of chairs from these manufacturers in Lincoln and throughout Lincolnshire and in Nottingham and throughout Nottinghamshire - we always have at least 5 different specifications and sizes including models from each of these manufacturers on permanent display and available for no-cost / no-obligation try-out at North Hykeham or for home-assessment (all try-outs and assessments by appointment only).


Riser Recliner Chairs - sample styles

(this image gallery shows a small selection of what is available)

only the best riser recliner chairs

Consistent with our approach on beds, we only work with companies who produce chairs of a quality we regard as being suitable for people who will rely on these items for dependable performance on a daily basis, year-in, year-out.


There is a wide variety of chair qualities available on the market today and it is usually very difficult - if not impossible - for the general public to know what they are really looking at, as chairs are always covered in an attractive selection of fabrics. Generally speaking, as the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'.


There are essentially three main component parts to a riser recliner chair which merit some consideration:

  • the metalwork (a good piece will perform without problem for an indefinite number of years, since it will have been engineered to tolerances well beyond user-needs - it is no coincidence that the top three UK made-to-measure producers all use the same source of mechanisms and motors for their main chair ranges; whereas a low cost 'equivalent' item will be relatively lightweight, and made of low gauge metal which is susceptible to some degree of buckling and mis-shaping through use and will feature moving fittings that can quickly wear and become troublesome);
  • the foam content (best branded performance foams ensure maximum life out of a chair, whereas alternative unbranded low-cost non-performance types will inevitably and disappointingly wear and collapse over a much shorter lifetime, rather than provide ongoing support, even if correctly sized at the outset); and
  • the wooden seat box and other 'hard' parts behind upholstery (on good chairs, these parts will all be natural timber hardwood such as beech, coupled with strong natural timber ply sections - low cost chairs run on a sliding scale right down to 'packing case' or even 'pallet'-quality timber with the usual MDF or chip parts to a lesser or greater extent, these materials have a habit of wearing, loosening, and low quality timber has a habit of giving in to the daily strains and stresses of routine use by splitting along grain lines - we have come across numerous cases where eventually 'bits of chair' drop off on to the ground).

- Draw your own conclusions about quality!


The real reason however, why quality should be uppermost in the mind of anyone who is sourcing a riser recliner chair, goes directly to the health of the user - and the issue of the impact on health of poorly fitting chairs is explained through the link below on 'measuring and technicals'.


Best Riser Recliner chairs are available in a comprehensive offering of mechanisms, size and weight specifications, features, fittings and finishes. High-quality 'economy' standardised versions are also available from our UK manufacturers.

riser recliner mechanisms CLICK here for information on measuring and technicals



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